As a designer by trade, I couldn’t contain my daily inspiration from Coral and desire to spread more awareness of T1d especially since so many people confuse it with Type 2 diabetes. That’s why I finally decided to sell my graphic designs on clothing, accessories and homegoods on I hope to educate the general public of Type 1 diabetes with shirts like T1dTruth. I design the artwork on Illustrator and Photoshop and upload it to Zazzle’s site. They handle all the rest! Select royalties will typically go towards gifting other T1dfamilies, maintaining this blog and purchasing awareness products for Coral herself. Be sure to follow @type1diabetic_life on Instagram and @typeonediabeticlife on Facebook for the latest products, updates and more. Please visit to view my whole product selection. The items listed on this page are a snippet of everything I’ve designed. Mahalo for your understanding and support.


Coronavirus Awareness Collection

Check out some of the latest items I’ve designed to help spread awareness during this pandemic. A lot of people either don’t care to learn or remain ignorant as to how the novel Coronavirus can cause severe and sometimes fatal complications for all types of diabetics and those with comorbidities of any age – even those with well-managed diabetes. Learn more and please read all resources thoroughly on my Coronavirus and T1d post. In the meantime feel free to browse the following collections below and share it with your diabuddies. This is such a crucial time for all of us to come together in social solidarity to help flatten the curve so our hospitals don’t become overwhelmed (again).

“Stay 6ft Away” by T1dLife

“Protect Each Other” by T1dLife

Other Top-Selling Items

“Pancreas Momager” Trucker Hat

“T1d From Hawaii” Shirt. See the entire collection here.

“Kind of Tired” Mug. Available in various sizes and colors and hashtags here. Shop the “Necessities” Mug & collection here.

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