Aloha everyone! You may save these free downloads for your personal use. Definitely tag @type1diabetic_life on Instagram or @typeonediabeticlife on Facebook if posting to your Stories or feed and share with your diabuddies. Let me tell ya, as a designer, it sucks when I discover an image of mine on social media or online and no credit was given. So, please be kind and show your appreciation. I work really hard on everything you may have seen. I don’t get paid to run this blog, in fact I pay a subscription to WordPress to maintain it. I also don’t get paid to advertise any of the items you’ve seen on my blog or social media. I am literally working for free just so I can keep spreading awareness and educating others. Thanks for your understanding and support. Have a good glucose day!



View and edit this Emergency Supply List to suit your needs and always be prepared as much as possible. Fight insurance and get endo’s pre-auth for approvals for greater quantities in all life-saving insulin and durable medical supplies or DME’s such as Dexcom CGM and pump supplies. See further details in Be Prepared article.

View and edit this slide show template to help educate your child’s nurses, teachers, and classroom prior to the start of school and during the first quarter for a refresher course. See further details in A Parents Guide to T1d and School.

Download this BG Action Plan, fill it in according to your child’s needs, have endo review and approve it with their signature and date before placing in school binder. See further details in A Parents Guide to T1d and School.

Per my post on Instagram in January 2021 regarding Coral’s Bolus Charts, I received many requests to make a template available. Please discuss it with your healthcare team to customize the timing of the pre-bolus depending on your needs and various favorite foods. This will definitely take weeks or months to experiment with same foods and lots of note taking on your part. Click the Google Drive download link here to save, edit, print and share with your caregivers or school nurse. A sample of Coral’s Bolus Charts are shown below of how we typically bolus for her favorite foods. I highly suggest updating your or your child’s bolus charts as their insulin needs will likely increase as they grow older.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Nothing I say or do on any of my platforms should be taken as medical advice. Use at your own risk. Speak with your healthcare team for assistance. Dial 911 for a medical emergency. Please be smart and safe.

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