Happy Holidays diabuddies! Welcome to our third annual gift guide. We’re so excited to be working with some new and true brands and sharing them with all of you. This year has definitely been the most challenging in more ways than I can think of. Therefore, this gift guide is a bit more simplified than the past two years. Nevertheless, we hope you are able to take advantage of some of the wonderful deals each branded partner has to offer when shopping for your loved one with any type of diabetes. Be sure to scroll down towards the bottom for my original designs on Zazzle.com/T1dLife too!


We love our new Lexi Triple Zip Diabetes Case from Sugar Medical! It’s a super fun stylish case that also converts into a shoulder or cross-body bag with its detachable strap (included). Slip a small ice pack in the back pocket to keep insulin pens chilled if needed. One of the best distinguishing features of Sugar Medical cases is the test strip “trash can” or disposal pocket. Use code typeonediabeticlife for 10% off your entire purchase. Offer good for one-time use only – no expiration date. Follow @sugarmedical on Instagram for more promotions and new products!

Pip Lancets

We’re happy to welcome back Pip Lancets to our HGG2020 lineup and honored to be a part of their brand ambassador team! Pip Lancets are some of the most innovative lancets I’ve ever seen and very similar to what Coral’s endocrinologist office uses. The needle is safely concealed in the lancet housing and self-retracts. Simply twist off the white cap to remove. Apply pressure to side of finger while gently squeezing finger tip. Then, apply blood to test strip as usual. Be sure to dispose of lancet in appropriate container. The Starter Kit comes with 30 – 30G x 1.0mm deep lancets, 10 – 30G x 1.6mm lancets, and 10 – 28G x 1.8mm lancets and a handy clear case. This case coordinates and fits well with our Sugar Medical diabetes case (aka Dkit) shown above. Learn more about Pip Lancets here or start your trail and subscribe for only $9.95 plus free shipping. Use our special code CORAL10 until December 25th for 10% off at Piplancets.com.

Note: Coral typically uses a 32G lancet but the 30G 1.00mm works just fine for her itty bitty toes – yes, it’s safe to poke a young T1d’s toes like nurses do in the PICU. We do what works best for us. Please speak with your healthcare team to suit your individual needs.

Vial Safe

Vial Safe insulin protector’s are flexible rubber gel skins that fit either short or tall vials of insulin to help protect them from shattering. We’ve dropped a vial of Lantus before and I literally cried. Vial safe protectors are also great for traveling. Shop their new limited edition Holiday 4-pack here or MixNMatch your own here. Give them a follow on Instagram to help support a fellow small business and to score any special promotions. Be sure to use our special discount code t1dlife for 20% off a single order.


We first started using a SpiBelt in 2017 for Coral’s Animas OneTouch Ping insulin pump. That company owned by Johnson & Johnson went out of market, so we switched to Omnipod. We learned of Looping in July 2019 which is a DIY closed-loop system using her Dexcom CGM, Omnipod, and a mini computer called a Riley Link or RL. The Kids Double-Pocket SpiBelt is the perfect accessory for securely holding her iPhone (aka Medical Device – needed for Loop and Dexcom apps) in the bigger zip pocket in-front and RL in the smaller back zip pocket. Big pocket also has a slit for tubed insulin pumps. It features an adjustable waistband with buckle closure for easy on and off with all her princess outfit changes, potty breaks, and pool sessions. Fabric is of durable lightweight, polyester/spandex. See the Original SpiBelt here. Use code t1d10 for 10% off your entire purchase through the entire month of December. Offer good for one-time use only. Whether you’re a pumper or not, SPIBelt’s durability and quality makes it an essential accessory for that active person in your life.

*I’ll be updating the SPIBelt image soon. How cute is my little Coral from last year’s HGG2019 though?! Tear…


T1International is the only non-profit organization strongly advocating for access to affordable #insulin4all and does not accept any donations from Big Pharma (Eli Lilly, Sanofi, and Novo Nordisk). That is why I decided to become a volunteer Digital Advocate for them and share some of their awesome shoppable clothing here. Every purchase supports insulin dependent diabetics worldwide. Therefore, no discounts available. Thank you for your support and keep spreading awareness and advocating when you can. Give them a follow on Instagram @t1nternational too!

*I was happy to make a full purchase of these T1International shirts for Coral and myself to help support this non-profit organization dedicated to the insulin-dependent diabetes community.

Real Good Foods

One of the best and safest options during this raging real pandemic, is to purchase food online! Thank goodness for Real Good Foods! We are so honored and incredibly grateful to be able to share this tasty low carb-high protein foods company based in none other than – Los Angeles, CA! Learn more about their company here. We’ve tried almost every single one of their food items from their pizzas, chicken enchiladas to the new ice creams! The later is Coral’s fav of course. Which is also on sale for 50% off – no code needed. Get on it and get shopping for yourself and/or a friend who wants flavor in food without the worry of carbs. Again, carbohydrates affect a diabetics blood glucose and requires precise insulin dosing to fit that individuals needs. Consult your primary care physician (PCP) and/or your diabetes care team for assistance and timing the bolus, if any. Find your favorite Real Good Foods with their store locator or order online here.

NOTE: A low carb high-protein food will still affect Coral’s BGs gradually and requires an increased temp basal on her pump. This is because her body will burn fat for energy making her insulin resistant for a period of time, which also varies pending any activity that day and/or hormones. Yes, Type 1 diabetes is very complicated. Learn how to bolus and manage your or your child’s T1d by logging all BGs, boluses, basals, etc with apps like MySugar or Sugarmate (not sponsored) or write it on a log sheet. We use Sugarmate on most occasions when trying to figure out when and how much to make insulin adjustments. Nothing I say or do on any of my platforms should be taking as medical advice. Always consult with your healthcare team for assistance. I am not a doctor.


Shop T1dLife

I started T1dLife on Zazzle.com/T1dLife to channel my creativity in spreading awareness after my oldest daughter, Coral, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 15 months old on March 11, 2016. She’s now 6 years old and thriving with this chronic autoimmune disease. My design background and education allows me to create and market original artwork you may not likely have seen from other novel designers. Be sure to use Zazzle’s daily promo codes at the top of their site for extra savings! I design the artwork. Zazzle handles the rest. It has been the most cost-efficient, time conserving, and rewarding seller platform I have ever discovered. Tag @type1diabetic_life on Instagram with your #T1dLife gear for a feature. Can’t wait to see your pics! Mahalo for all your support throughout the years.

Share if You Care

Hey, I totally get it if you’re not able to shop on my Zazzle store or any of the brands I’ve mentioned above. 2020 has definitely taken its toll on all of us, especially those who depend on overpriced insulin like our T1d kiddos. I’ve struggled hard before I met my husband in more ways than I care to express on this post. Then, Coral was diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disease a year after she was born. I don’t ever pray for an easy life, but the strength to endure and persevere this one. If you find something you like from my Zazzle shop, please kindly share it on Instagram (Stories or post) and tag @type1diabetic_life. You have my deepest gratitude. Stay well. Stay vigilant with all health advisories (see Coronavirus and T1d). Stay in self-isolation and remain cautious even after a safe Covid-19 vaccine is finally available. We will get through this together in social solidarity. Afterall, we’re T1d Warriors! Let’s try to enjoy the holidays safe at home.

Malama pono (live well in Hawaiian),

Shelsea & Coral

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