I hope you’re all doing well as can be during these hectic times. I’m slowly getting hyped up for this coming National Diabetes Awareness Month amidst my latest role as “Co-Teacher” to my now, 7 year old T1d daughter (1 of 2), Coral. Did you know November also happens to be Native American Heritage Month! As part Native American, Native Hawaiian, Chinese, and Okinawan, I’d like to feature more people resembling similar heritage or BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) on my social media platforms next month. Even if you are not part of any of these ethnic groups, but have diabetes or care for someone with diabetes, I’d love to feature you too!

If you’re interested, please kindly fill out the form below and email a clear photo of yourself and/or diabetic child (no brand names shown on clothing) to typeonediabeticlife@gmail.com or send me a DM on Instagram @type1diabetic_life preferrably before November 13, 2021. Photo, brief biography, and any other information you’d like to share from this form will only be used for this campaign. I wouldn’t ever sell your information because I gain nothing from that – this is purely to spread awareness and amplify melanted voices within the diabetes community. If you’re a healthcare worker, you are my hero and I want to thank you by featuring you in a post on Instagram or Twitter too (whichever you prefer)!

Pay it Forward

All I ask in return is that you do any or all of the following: Follow us on Instagram @type1diabetic_life and/or Twitter @t1disabeach (the latter for tons of direct links to resources), read my infoblog & share the knowledge, or shop my original artwork on select apparel and home goods at Zazzle.com/t1dlife. Tag @type1diabetic_life on Insta with your #t1dlife gear for a feature too! Design royalties from my shop help maintain this infoblog and support my family.

Mahalo for your time, genuine support, and participation! Don’t forget to subscribe to our infoblog to the right of this post! Stay well – Shelsea

Disclaimer: By sharing the above information and submitting this form, you are giving me consent to use your information for the sole purpose of spreading diabetes awareness across any and all of my social media platforms (Instagram and Twitter). Typeonediabetic-life.com and any of my social platforms are not a substitute for medical advice. Please seek consultation with a licensed physician or call 911 for an emergency.


Feel free to spread the word about NDAM and/or NAHM with these graphics I designed (right click on image and select Save As to your desktop computer or smartphone). Be sure to subscribe to the T1dLife infoblog for more great content and tons of resources!

Subscribers will be able to view, download and share these complimentary NDAM wallpapers for your smartphone. Those who follow us on Instagram should check our Stories for more!

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