Happy Holidays everyone! Welcome to the second annual gift guide. As a former personal stylist, I enjoy sourcing out and curating particular items for the Type 1 diabetic community. Here, you’ll find some of our tried and true brands. Some of them have been generous enough to send a complimentary product and/or discount code in exchange for exposure across our online platforms including this Blog, Facebook, and Instagram. We are not compensated nor receive any commission from any brands listed on my online platforms. We just like sharing good stuff with you guys!

If you scroll down towards the bottom, you’ll find some of the most popular items from my Zazzle shop designed by me! We hope this guide helps you find that special something either for your self or a loved one living with diabetes.

A. Sugar Medical Insulated Diabetes Travel Organizer, $39.99 B. T1dLife T1d Medical Alert stickers, $8.00 (per sheet of 20) and C. T1dLife Make Insulin Affordable stickers, $10.95 per sheet D. SpiBelt Kid’s Double-Pocket SpiBelt (top), $26.99 and Original SpiBelt in Orange, $19.99 E. Vial Safe Insulin Protectors in multi-color 4pk, $23.99 F. T1dLife T1d Medical Alert Button, $5.00 G. AWARE Blue Aware Necklace, $42.00

Featured Brands

Top left image (clockwise left to right): Transcend glucose gel (15g carbs each packet), ReliOn Glucose tabs (5g carbs each), Opsite Flexifix Tape for site changes, IV Prep (or Skin Prep) wipes, Unisolve wipes, Omnipod pod, BD 4mm 32G Microfine pen needles, BD 31G 1/2 unit marked syringes, Lantus insulin pen, four Fiasp insulin pens, Sugar Medical Insulated Diabetes Organizer, Omnipod PDM with Sugar Medical purple/turquoise gel skin, Clean Well non-alcoholic spray sanitizer and hand-cut paper towels, Freestyle Lite test strips, Pip Lancets.

Sugar Medical

We love our Audrey Diabetes Case from Sugar Medical and are very excited to show you their new travel cases like this Insulated Diabetes Organizer! It can hold up to three vials of insulin or 5 insulin pens, Omnipod PDM, glucose meter, test strips, syringes and more. Slip an ice pack in the back pocket. One of the best distinguishing features of Sugar Medical cases is the test strip “trash can” or disposal pocket. This particular case has an interior zippered pocket flap. Whereas our Audrey case’s trash can pocket is on the back with a hook and loop closure. Use code TYPE1DIABETICLIFE15 for 15% off your entire purchase. Offer good for one-time use only and valid through month of December. Thereafter, use new code TYPE1DIABETICLIFE10 for 10% off your entire purchase for the year of 2020. Find your diabuddy or self the perfect diabetes accessory here!

My T1dwarrior wearing her Kid’s Double-Pocket SpiBelt with iphone in front pocket and Riley Link in smaller back pocket and T1dLife No Beta Cells shirt. #loopdevbranch #wearenotwaiting


We first started using a SpiBelt in 2017 for Coral’s Animas OneTouch Ping insulin pump. That company owned by Johnson & Johnson went out of market, so we switched to Omnipod. We learned of Looping in July 2019 which is a DIY closed-loop system using her Dexcom CGM, Omnipod, and a mini computer called a Riley Link or RL. The Kids Double-Pocket SpiBelt is the perfect accessory for securely holding her iPhone (aka Medical Device – needed for Loop and Dexcom apps) in the bigger zip pocket in-front and RL in the smaller back zip pocket. Big pocket also has a slit for tubed insulin pumps. It features an adjustable waistband with buckle closure for easy on and off with all her outfit changes and potty breaks. Fabric is of durable lightweight, polyester/spandex. See the Original SpiBelt (shown in Orange above) here. Use code t1dlife for 10% off your entire purchase through the entire month of December. Offer good for one-time use only.

AWARE Causes Blue necklace, $42.00 and pin, $25.00 (sold separately)

Aware Causes

Aware Causes is a jewelry line dedicated to raising awareness for different causes that deserve more attention. They share pictures of people with their necklaces or pins on social media so others know they are not alone. We chose the Blue Aware Necklace and Pin to spread diabetes awareness of course. The blue color also represents those living with alopecia, arthritis, autism, Addisons disease and more. Find your cause here. See Coral’s story on their Instagram.

Vial Safe new multi-color 4-pack, $23.99

Vial Safe Insulin Protector

These flexible rubber gel skins fit short vials of insulin to help protect them from shattering. We’ve dropped a vial of Lantus before and I literally cried. Vial safe protectors are also great for traveling. Shop the multi-color pack here and give them a follow on Instagram. Be sure to use our special discount code type1diabeticlife20 for 20% off a single order.

Pip Lancets Starter Kit, starting at $3.00

Pip Lancets

Pip Lancets are some of the most innovative lancets I’ve ever seen and very familiar to what Coral’s endocrinologists office uses. The needle is safely concealed in the lancet housing and self-retracts. Simply twist off the white cap to remove. Apply pressure to side of finger while gently squeezing finger tip. Then, apply blood to test strip as usual. Be sure to dispose of lancet in appropriate container. The Starter Kit comes with 30 – 30G x 1.0mm deep lancets, 10 – 30G x 1.6mm lancets, and 10 – 28G x 1.8mm lancets and a handy clear case. This case coordinates and fits well with our Sugar Medical diabetes case (aka Dkit) shown above. Note: Coral typically uses a 32G lancet but the 30G 1.00mm works just fine. Learn more about Pip Lancets here or start your trail and subscribe for only $3.00. One of our followers told me about them on Instagram.

H. Island Vintage Kona coffee, $25.95 I. T1dLife Your Kind of Tired 15oz mug, $21.95 J. Smashmallow in Hot Cocoa flavor, $3.79 (Target or Amazon)

Shop T1dLife

I created T1dLife to raise awareness and channel my creativity. I design all the artwork on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and upload it to a selling platform and online market known as Zazzle. They source out companies in the U.S. to print and manufacture the products that are my canvas. I set a royalty for each item on my shop. Select royalties go back towards gifting fellow T1dfamilies, adding to Corals wardrobe, and hosting local meetups in West Los Angeles. My goal one day, is to make enough royalties to contribute to her ongoing medical supplies, parking fees during endo visits, and anything else she and my younger daughter will need. I humbly ask that you please share this blog and my shop with your diabuddies. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest designs, products, and T1dtips.

Click each item below to take you to my Zazzle shop for purchase. Be sure to place your order at least two weeks prior to the date desired. For last years gift ideas, click here. Mahalo nui loa [thank you very much in Hawaiian] for all your support.

Gifts Around $50 and Under

T1dLife Sugar Surfing Dots Clutch, $56.95
Use code CYBERSALENOW and save 20%

T1dLife Type 1 Diabetic Apple watchband, $52.49
Use code CYBERSALENOW and save 20% or check zazzle.com for new daily discount codes

T1dLife We Speak T1d Doormat in select colors, $46.00 each

T1dLife Good Glucose Pillow, $38.65 and Wristlet $39.10. Shop the whole collection here.

T1dLife T1d Alert Phone Cases in Blue and Pink (available in various sizes), $38.25. See more tech accessories here.

Gifts Under $35

T1dLife Kind of Tired shirts for the whole family starting from $19.95. View the whole collection here.

T1dLife T1d Time shirts shown in Navy, from $23.00. Shop the whole collection here.

T1dLife Type None shirts in various styles and colors for men, women, and children starting at $25.00. Shop the whole collection here and use Zazzle’s design tools to choose the right one for your diabuddy or self!

T1dLife This Ohana Kitchen Towels in Kai and Lava. Shop the whole collection here.

Gifts Under $20

Zazzle offers the widest selection of printable items allowing me to select the perfect product for artwork placement depending on that items functionality and purpose. Here are a few smaller giftable items for men, women and children.

T1dLife T1d Won’t Stop Me Keychain $12.55 and Toddler Tee starting from $17.35. View the whole collection here. Use Zazzle’s design tools to choose from select styles and colors of each item.

T1dLife T1d From HI Trucker Hat $19.75 and T1d From HI Canvas Tote Bag in Ele’ele [Black] $18.00. Shop the whole collection here and share your island and T1d pride!

T1dLife Pod Stickers $8.50. Apply these to your pod, PDM, mobile phone and any other non-porous surface. Great for children in school!

T1dLife Type 1 Diabetic Sticker Sheet $8.00, Type 1 Diabetic Button $5.00 and Make Insulin Affordable Sticker Sheet $10.95. Make Insulin Affordable Canvas Tote Bag $18.00

If there are any other brands with a focus on the diabetic community, please feel free to email me at typeonediabeticlife@gmail.com. I’d love to partner with you and build both our brand presence across our online platforms. For more of our favorite things like foods, site change supplies, and books, see our Quick Referrals and Good Glucose Snacks pages.

It’s the thought that counts. So, make sure to put a lot of thought into it.

Mele Kalikimaka – Shelsea

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