Aloha and thank you for wanting to be a part of an exciting and new movement within the diabetes community. If you’re fed up with all the spread of deadly misinformation across social media – primarily Facebook, and want to make a difference in people’s lives, then you’ve come to the right spot! It takes a great deal of courage to speak out in the face of any injustice or threat of backlash from the community, “friends” and family members. Please know that you are not alone with over 53 percent of the U.S. fully vaccinated (2-3 weeks post-second shot) as of September 3, 2021.

Perspective: It’s a win-win for all of us who get vaccinated. The Covid vaccines and insulin are both life-saving medications. However, the vaccines are FREE without any insurance. Diabetics are paying $250-$1,000s a month just to afford insulin – not including all other vital medical supplies or devices. Please read my Covid Vaccines post here for more details. Also, read my Delta Variant article here to catch up to speed. Per thousands of REAL health experts, the Covid vaccine benefits far outweigh the risks if you’re to actually contract Covid. Those who are fully vaccinated are less likely to spread the virus (lower viral load), including the Delta variant, than those who are not fully vaccinated (10 x higher viral load). Individual choices affect us all in a pandemic. We’re lucky to even have access to the Covid vaccines when people in other countries like South Africa or India, without that basic human right, are dying by the hundreds or thousands a day. Honestly, we’re all getting really tired of saying this already.

Here’s the deal

  • Step 1) Get your first shot = share and tagged on our Instagram Stories
  • Step 2) Get your second shot if part of a two-shot regimen such as Pfizer or Moderna = one share to our Instagram Feed and Stories. Reshare our posts featuring your beautiful smart self and tag @type1diabetic_life on Instagram or @t1disabeach on twitter for an (one) entry to win a digital illustration of yourself as a vaccinated super hero!
  • Step 3) BONUS! Get your booster – encouraged by epidemiologists and recently recommended by the CDC (please speak with an immunologist specialist asap) = share to our Instagram feed, Twitter thread and entry to win a digital illustration of yourself as a vaccinated super hero designed by me! Deadline for all entries is September 15, 2021. Spread the word – not the virus!
  • This campaign is open to all friends, family, colleagues of diabetics and especially, diabetics themselves!

Please complete the form below

Please kindly fill out the form below to submit your entry. All entries will be made public on my social media platforms including Instagram @type1diabetic_life and Twitter @t1disabeach – not Facebook. You must be following @type1diabetic_life on Instagram and Twitter @t1disabeach if you would like us to see, tag and reshare your photo(s). You may also tag @type1diabetic-life on instagram or email me directly with a clear photo and details requested below to

Full Disclosure: By completing this form, you release all liability from Shelsea, founder of the T1dLife blog, a single proprietorship – not a corporation (no other employees). Your privacy is of utmost importance and will not be sold to any other entity for profit or any other personal gains. This is purely to spread awareness, inform and encourage others, and help make positive change in our communities and schools. To protect each other especially children who are still not eligible to receive the life-saving Covid vaccines yet. Please learn more about the Covid vaccines here and share if you care. Mahalo to all for your Kokua [cooperation]!


I hope to continue supporting those who’ve genuinely supported us all these years. Believe me, I’m just as burnt out as you may be, especially if you’re the primary caregiver to a young child with a chronic autoimmune disease such as Type 1 diabetes and have multiple young active children. This pandemic has only exacerbated all our previous concerns and stresses from managing T1d. Think of this as a large group effort to encourage many others to just #getvaccinated mask up so we can finally put an end to this long real pandemic.

Thank you for your entry! Health officials strongly encourage we all continue to wear a mask around others regardless of our vaccination status in order to protect each other especially children and those who are immunocompromised. Children under 12 years age are still not eligible for the Covid vaccines. Keep checking and or for more updates – estimated late October or November for ages 2-12yrs old. I’ll be taking a much-needed social media break at the end of September 2021 to finally focus on my ohana as Coral, my 6yr old with T1d, continues learning from home until both her and little sister can get their Covid vaccines too. Independent study here we come! I am unofficially Teacher-Mommy too. Exhausted sarcasm folks.

Stay well & vigilant,

Shelsea & Coral

More shareable graphics from Covid & Delta Variant blog posts

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