Mental Health: Diabetes & Pandemic Burnout 2022

Editor's Note: I often advocate for not just my daughter's health and safety, but the general diabetes community as well. This post focuses on my personal experiences and beliefs and indeed includes my educated opinions derived from thorough research from sources I've listed below. Many others who do not know me well often feel entitled … Continue reading Mental Health: Diabetes & Pandemic Burnout 2022

What You Should Know About the Delta Variant

This piece was reviewed by ER Dr. Calvin Sun based in New York. Many thanks to him for taking the time to do so as a busy doctor saving lives while enjoying his. Follow him on Instagram @monsoondiaries. As with the previous Covid-19 blog posts, the Delta variant is a fairly new and always developing topic of high concern as this pandemic is far from over. Please read in full and share if you care. Do your best to stay informed independently starting with the resources I've gathered for you here. Mahalo.

Coronavirus and T1d: List of Resources

Editor's Note: This content has been verified by Calvin Sun, MD. He is a frontline worker in the ER at a prevalent and high-impact hospital in New York. He's currently practicing Attending Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine, a public speaker, phoblogopher, activist, choreographer, and entrepreneur based in NYC. Follow him @monsoondiaries on Instagram.