Covid-19 Vaccine: Access for All Types of Diabetics of Any Age

This is a constantly developing topic and I will try to update it as best I can as a busy mother of two, managing Coral's T1d and our personal lives. As of 1/17/21, I have contacted the ACIP and POTUS, still awaiting reply, if any, expressing the Type 1 diabetes community's concerns regarding our prioritization of the Covid-19 vaccine. Scroll down to the Further Reading section for details on eligibility as "healthcare workers" (aka Caregivers or Parents) of T1d children. April 2021 UPDATE: Children 12-16 years old now eligible for Pfizer and Moderna's covid vaccines. Access available at most local pharmacies. Check with your healthcare provider for more details or call your pharmacy if not able to schedule an appointment online. 6/15/21 UPDATE: CA has fully reopened leaving businesses in control of mask requirements indoors if any. Delta Variant originating from India has killed thousands there - as with any country w/out access to vaccines and densely populated/no masks. The mutant variant has also dominated the U.K. and is already in parts of the U.S. GET VACCINATED ASAP and remember it takes 5-6 weeks to build full immunity post 2nd shot per epidemiologists.

Coronavirus and T1d: List of Resources

Editor's Note: This content has been verified by Calvin Sun, MD. He is a frontline worker in the ER at a prevalent and high-impact hospital in New York. He's currently practicing Attending Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine, a public speaker, phoblogopher, activist, choreographer, and entrepreneur based in NYC. Follow him @monsoondiaries on Instagram.