Hi there! If you’re a Type 1 diabetic or have a child(ren) with T1d and live in Southern California, please feel free to request to join our private Facebook group: SoCal Type Onederfuls. I am one of the admins along with a fellow Pancreas Momager and dear friend. You must answer ALL of the group questions before approval is made. Thanks for your time in advance and we look forward to meeting you in real life one day!

Some reasons why and how diabuddies can impact our lives

  • They can give us comfort, genuine support, and advice since they’re living this T1dlife every day just like us.
  • It helps to make that kind of unique connection so you’ll have someone to text or call when you’re feeling down or when your diabetes nurse educator isn’t able to give you the kind of “intel” you need right away like at 3am when your pump site or Dexcom fails or you’re recovering from a scary low.
  • It’s great to have lunch or go out with a diabuddy so you’re not having to explain diabetes to them and just enjoy your day.
  • If you’re out with your diabuddy and forgot to pack a low treat or juice, they’ll probably have one and will definitely know how to help you or your T1d child when in need. A close non-diabetic friend can also eventually learn these essential aspects of our lives too.
  • A diabuddy can literally help save your life when you least expect it.
  • A diabuddies house is probably the only house I’d ever trust allowing my T1d 5 year old for a sleepover.
  • Training a non-diabetic friend or nurse to watch my T1d child may take 4-8 weeks or more to really get it down to where he/she is familiar with Coral’s diabetes: carb absorption rates (how fast certain foods affect her BGs), insulin sensitivities, and if she’s exhibiting any symptoms of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. Whereas training a fellow diabuddy would take half the time. In both cases, consistency is always key and keeping a steady training schedule or playdate will speed up the training process. See How to Hire a T1d Sitter here.
  • A fellow Pancreas Momager or her older child of a younger T1d sibling make the perfect babysitters to Type 1 toddlers! We’re very thankful to have many of them as our close and trusted diabuddies.

One of the meetups we hosted included families from The Valley and West LA. Each child was given a little goodie bag. Select royalties from my Zazzle shop help make these meetups possible. Thank you for your support.

It’s perfectly fine to feel nervous or vulnerable to put yourself out there and go to a T1d meetup. Not all fellow T1ds are gonna vibe with you [and vice versa] or another T1dmom may not even return your calls or texts. Don’t take it personally. Remember, we’re all just human beings living this crazy T1dlife. Move on and maybe you’ll meet a “T1d in the wild” when you’re rocking your Dex or pump or “shooting up” and you two will be the best of buds! Stay strong and have faith. You are not alone and don’t ever have to live this life alone.

Warmest aloha,

Coral and Shel

Find us on Instagram @type1diabetic_life and on Facebook @typeonediabeticlife. Mahalos for the follows!

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