Editor’s Note: This content has been verified by Calvin Sun, MD. He is a frontline worker in the ER at a prevalent hospital in New York. He’s currently practicing Attending Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor in Emergency Medicine, a public speaker, phoblogopher, activist, choreographer, and entrepreneur based in NYC. Follow him @monsoondiaries on Instagram. See his LinkedIn profile here. Watch his latest guest appearance on YouTube with CGTN America here. I am beyond honored and thankful for his support. As with the previous Covid-19 blog posts, the Delta variant is a fairly new and always developing topic of high concern as this pandemic is far from over. Please read in full and share if you care. Do your best to stay informed independently and help advocate starting with the resources I’ve gathered for you here. Mahalo.

For those who don’t know yet, the Delta Variant is finally here in the U.S! It was first detected in India in early September, per Pango Lineages and detected in the U.S in June 2021. It’s one of four different mutations listed as Variants of Concern on CDC.gov as of this writing. Mutations happen and sometimes the virus will form a different spike protein making it easier for it to evade our body’s natural immune response. For every person that’s infected, another mutation can easily happen through the virus’s replication process. Some mutations aren’t as contagious while others can be, like Delta. Learn more from Dr. Mike Hansen, watch and share his video. Dr. Hansen explains how the receptor binding domain (RBD) spike mutation of the Delta variant allows it to easily attach to the ACE-2 receptor in the body’s cells. Then, it fuses with the cell’s membrane…Just watch that video please.

6 Things to Know About the Delta Variant

  1. Delta or B.1.617.2 is 95% more contagious than the original SARS-CoV-2 virus found in Wuhan, China. Delta’s ~60% more transimssable than the Alpha variant that spread swiftly through Britain and all the other three variants before it (see next section below). This is because of the mutation in the protein spike which I mentioned earlier. Its R0 or replication rate is 1.44 with a doubling time of 11 days.
  2. Unvaccinated people are at highest risk of severe Covid illness and/or death. This includes unvaccinated healthy young adults and children. So, others really shouldn’t be so quick to leave home without a mask just yet. In fact, LA County Public Health is still urging everyone to continue to wear a mask indoors regardless of vaccine status.
  3. States with lowest vaccination rates found on Google will be the hardest hit with the Delta variant causing their ICUs to see a surge again. Sadly, a lot of these unvaccinated folks are spreading the virus everywhere including my beloved home of Hawaii because airline tickets are so damn cheap, but so are some of these tourists – who may know nothing of aloha or respecting the ‘aina (land) and Natives or true locals. More on that later. This is what epidemiologists like F. Perry Wilson, MD are saying will lead to constant ‘hyperlocal outbreaks’ within the community.
  4. More spread means more mutations will likely happen, but health experts are still waiting and watching to see how this all ‘pans’ [short for pandemic, pun intended] out. It’s only a matter of time before a Variant of High Consequence develops due to the massive spread of Delta and the other Variants listed in the next section below. A Variant of High Consequence includes a virus mutation that is able to evade all monoclonal antibody treatments and vaccines efficacy faster than either Pfizer or Moderna can modify their mRNA vaccines.
  5. There’s also a Delta Plus variant which again, was first detected in India. Researchers are still gathering data to determine the actual rate of spread and impact it will have on the community and the world.
  6. Full vaccination offers the best protection against Delta. Moderna & Pfizer have similar efficacies in preventing severe Covid illness and death since they’re the only two mRNA vaccines currently available. Specifically, Pfizers two-dose vaccine had 88% efficacy in preventing symptomatic disease and 96% efficacy in preventing hospitalization (again, 2-3 weeks post-second shot = fully vaxxed). No recent data as to the J&J vaccine’s efficacy in preventing transmissibility and severe illness from Delta as of this writing. Oxford Astrazeneca’s two-dose vaccine has about 92% efficacy in preventing hospitalization. If you’ve only received one (1) dose of any vaccine, efficacy goes down to about 30-40%.

Stay vigilant, wear a mask indoors since there’s no way to tell someones vaccination status unless you straight-up ask them – which I’ve done on occasion under major anxiety. Even though my husband and I are fully vaxxed, we stay masked especially in a store for essentials or the pharmacy because we’re our daughter’s only caregivers in the mainland, U.S. Even just getting flu-like symptoms would greatly affect how well we can take care of Coral’s Type 1 diabetes and monitoring her blood glucose levels 24/7/365. Again, those with any type of diabetes especially those who are insulin dependent, remain high-risk to severe Covid illness and/or death. It ain’t about us. It’s always been about protecting our children. So, please GET VACCINATED and/or stay masked and maintain physical distance of at least 6ft (2 meters).

Other variants of concern include

  • Omicron – first detected in South Africa with ~70% increased transmision
  • Alpha (B.1.1.7) – first identified in the U.K. with ~50% increased transmission from one of many variants of interest similar to original SARS-Cov-2.
  • Beta (B.1.351) – first ID’d in Africa with ~50% increased transmission.
  • Delta (B.1.617.2) – first ID’d in India as mentioned above with ~60% increased transmission from Alpha. Making it the MOST CONTAGIOUS VARIANT to date and already the dominant variant around the world. R0 or replication rate = 1.44 meaning one (1) infected person can infect at least 6 other people in brief passing even outdoors.
  • Gamma (P.1) – first ID’d in Japan or Brazil (not clear on CDC.gov) with no mention of rate of transmission, but significantly reduced susceptibility to certain monoclonal antibody treatments.

Watch this YouTube video of Dr. Fauci explaining the Delta Variant and efficacy of the vaccines and please share! Good news for those of us who have been fully vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine with 88% efficacy against symptomatic disease from the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant 2 weeks after the second dose, compared to 93% effectiveness against the B.1.1.7 (Alpha) variant. Read this publication from Gov.uk (sourced from said video below) to learn more.

Recap on Covid-19

Facts to know and share with your friends if you still got ’em! Full details and resources all in my previous Covid and vaccines blog post here.

  1. Reinfections have been and can still happen to those who’ve already had any previous infection of SARS-CoV-2. If you’re an “American” and still haven’t gotten fully vaccinated, but have access to it, then you are A) risking your own life with the Delta variant which is more deadly to those not vaccinated yet, B) risking your friends and families life or anyone you pass by indoors or even outdoors for more than 5-10 seconds. Yes, that is really happening! See videos below from what’s happening in Australia and focus on the key words, fleeting contact.
  2. All strains of the virus are airborne, but it just took way too long for CDC and WHO to finally admit it.
  3. Kids are not immune to the virus – they may have more milder symptoms, but some go on to develop MIS-C or other autoimmune diseases like rare Hashimotos and even Type 1 diabetes! Surprise! In fact as of July 14, 2021, Mississippi health officials warned of 7 children in the ICU on life-support – two were on ventilators. ‘Dr. Alan Jones, associate vice chancellor for clinical affairs at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, told ABC News Wednesday that his facility was seeing a “significant increase” in pediatric patients over the last several weeks.’ PARENTS: Enough with your “bubbles” or “covid pods” already. You are gambling with your unvaccinated and unmasked child’s life given the rise of the Delta variant.
  4. Covid triggers T1d and other multiple autoimmune diseases like MIS-C and Kawasaki’s Disease – read more on NIH and Nature (prestigious medical journals).
  5. Long-Covid – have you heard of it? If not, then you’ve definitely been living in your own selfish little world. NIH identifies long-Covid as “post-acute sequelae of COVID-19,” persistent symptoms or new symptoms that develop, generally speaking, at least four to eight weeks after the initial infection with COVID-19. Some young adults continue to put themselves at the highest unnecessary risk of infection by A) not wearing a mask and B) constantly gathering with others throughout this whole raging pandemic. Then, they wonder why they have chronic fatigue, brain fog, or worse, they need a lung transplant. Yes, that’s been happening too! Talk to your healthcare provider about long covid and please, take this pandemic seriously already. Medical professionals: Please take Covid long-haulers medical and mental health conditions seriously. Note: all sarcasm is meant for those who still don’t get it, but doubt they’d even read this far anyways.
Twitter search “Covid Long Haulers

Share this video (also shown below) by Dr. Hansen of How Covid Kills for those who still refuse to listen, learn, get vaccinated and/or WEAR A MASK. Hopefully, they wisen up soon. Also, let them know, “Hey! Over 600,000 Americans have died from Covid already! Delta’s more deadly than Alpha variant…” Ehh, you probably just wasted 5 minutes of your time with them, but at least you tried

Watch and share this other video back in March 2020 for explaining the difference between mild, severe, and critical Covid-19 cases. It’s a pretty good animation especially for anyone still living at home with their mama and never went to college or fails to go out and look for any job.

Gain Some Perspective

Insulin costs diabetics thousands of dollars every few months while the Covid vaccines are free without insurance. Both are life-saving medications! If you have access to it, then you should’ve gotten vaccinated months ago. Meanwhile, the Delta variant is killing people by the thousands a day in India, Brazil, Indonesia and other countries without access to the Covid vaccines. There are patients dying in the ICU in states like Oklahoma because they refused to get the vaccine and then, regretting it as the tending nurse calls their family to say their last goodbyes. Reminder: No visitors are allowed in the Covid unit to see their loved ones. Parents: Get your children over 5 years of age vaccinated already! No more excuses. Stop listening to those other moms on those far-right Facebook groups who don’t have a medical degree. America has some major first-world problems.

This is all the more frustrating and infuriating as California Governor Newsom continues to give out lotteries to incentivize others to #getvaccinated – something they should already be doing on their own. Don’t forget over 600,000 American lives have also died of Covid prior to Delta arriving in the States. Newsom’s also using state funding to pay “low-income tenants” back-rent of 2020 through Sept 2021 during this ongoing raging pandemic. Read more about that here. These freebies are not sustainable to a fragile economy where CA sales taxes are already between 9-11%. If y’all wanna get out of this modern Great Depression, I suggest you shut up, get vaccinated, mask up, and protect each other. Cases are already spiking 55-65% faster this time as it did with previous variants. Breakthrough infections are happening for those FULLY VACCINATED, and not all cases are short-lived. Not fear mongering. Read more if you care and share please.

Thankfully, my husband’s employer has a strict return-to-work policy requiring all staff get A) fully vaccinated, B) apply for a desk spot, C) if maximum capacity filled one must wait his/her turn to return to office after fulfilling all prerequisites. Again, he’s a top-level artificial intelligence (AI) software engineer, PhD in Physics, and former medical professor. His employer’s HQ’d in China and whole family resides in China. Hence why we knew about the original virus from Wuhan in December 2019. He’s helped inform me with medical resources that I am able to translate into basic literature for the general public to hopefully understand and share. Read my first Covid blog post here [writing this as I check my 6yr olds blood glucose levels – my time is vital for her survival, been feeling underappreciated lately]. If you’re employer or school does not have a revised Covid plan yet, then I’d suggest you advocate for yourself and loved ones as best as you can with help from your healthcare provider(s) guidances on your local county health department.

Preparation and Activism

Gaslighters often say, “You can’t control other people, you can’t make them wear a mask.” Not my objective anyways. We can sure protest though. Let our voices be louder than theirs – the Trumpers, the antimaskers and anti-vaxxers. To sit in silence in these dire times and let your fellow citizens and children be wiped out from the Delta variant or whatever new variant soon develops [this is before we knew Covid would cause long-term chronic complications], when all they had to do was get vaccinated and/or put a mask on; would be quite cowardice. We, in this diabetic community are all exhausted, but I can’t stop fighting – grew up fighting for my survival. I continue to fight for my daughters. I choose to stand my ground and shout out loud in any retailer – with my girls safe at home with my husband, “Wear a mask! Get vaccinated! Protect our children and those with chronic illnesses!” Tag your local retailers, governors, mayors, county health departments on social media to let your voice be heard too. I do all the time on twitter and instagram. Social media sometimes gets quicker attention than writing emails to multiple offices because politicians and society only care about their egos or image. Google your local county offices please and send them an email. Do not ask me to draft an email template for you either. People have actually asked that of me on Instagram several times, but regarding emailing their doctor’s office to request prioritization of the Covid vaccines.

Plans for Summer Break

We bought our first forever home in late March! YAAY! We made sure to renovate the pool and deck before the hot weather hit SoCal while staying vigilant with masks and frugal throughout our self-isolation. My former nextdoor covidiot neighbors can kiss my okole for always complaining about my covid chalk art or educational signs on the driveways – which was meant to inform everyone in the neighborhood. The majority of the neighbors in that townhome community appreciated it and told my husband so as our moving truck drove away. Nextdoor covidiot neighbors are still renting. The almost 50-year old dad had Covid in March 2020 when we last hung out with a couple other school families at their house. He didn’t tell us (their son was Coral’s former TK classmate), found out through an old mutual buddy. HOA president at the townhomes in Marina Del Rey also has T1d and no empathy for Coral or us Dparents. Both he and our landlord gaslighted me during the entire ordeal even going as far as to say, we were the ones “harassing the neighbors.” BYEeeeee toxic environment. We’re already much better off and happier in our own safe beautiful home.

Insulin’s all stocked up from last year literally chilling in the fridge – see my Be Prepared page for help with access to insulin from organizations like Insulin for Life or Beyond Type 1’s GetInsulin.org (can’t stand the later since they take donations from Big Pharma but ya can’t be picky). Coral’s been on a pump break for three long hard months since her new Tandem Tslim tubed pump wasn’t working out and she’s severely allergic to the pod (and Dexcom G6) adhesives. We’ve been using Freestyle Diabetes Libre 2 flash glucose monitor (GM) for about seven months and happy with the switch from Gsucks! Look for that Libre 2 review soon! Not sponsored.

Stocking up on sunscreen for said reason above. Be sure to get a mineral based sunblock with the active ingredient as zinc oxide. Or you can check with your local dermatologist. We like Sunbum mineral with SPF 50 (not sponsored). We’ve been enjoying the pool nearly every day since renovations.

Sticking to a grocery list since ordering grocery delivery has been very fickle and often disappointing either due to missing items or terrible substitutions for supposedly “out-of-stock” items. More on previous Covid-19 blog post. Therefore, I will be making a list on my iphone and doing a quick run into the grocery store if needed at the least crowded times if possible.

Stay fit – I’ve been working out 2-3 times weekly doing HIIT or high intensity interval training with weights and trying to stay physically fit even throughout distance learning and the girls running around like crazy. NO EXCUSES! I don’t eat fast-food and haven’t for years. Swimming also helps ease my stresses for a bit. I’ve only recently started speaking with a therapist (NP) and hopefully, that helps for all of our sake. Not even joking. My mental health is fkd from years of childhood abuse and now, this damn long pandemic that stupid selfish people keep prolonging. Seriously, ya can’t help stupid – not worth my time.

Dance parties – play some music blast it loud! I also sing really loud when I’m drunk. Don’t expect me to be sober throughout this next turn of the pandemic. If y’all can’t admit you have a problem, then you have a problem. Get help. For reals. I did. Also, since physical activity builds insulin sensitivity, dance parties and swimming in the pool has been both challenging, but very rewarding in managing Coral’s T1d. Learn more and share plenty of my tips for Swimming with T1d.

Small DIY home projects – Now that we finally own a home, I can finally bring [almost] all my Pinterest ideas to fruition. This house is lacking some built-in shelving so, to save on costs right now, I’ll have to purchase some standing shelves for the office, playroom and living room. Shipping timeframes with IKEA took forever in March and they’re still lagging. Expect these delays to worsen as the pandemic reaches all forms of supply chains (food, chlorine tabs, rubber, cement, wood, coffee, etc.). I’ll also be setting up a mini school section of the playroom in anticipation of continued distance learning or hybrid in the Fall 2021 with Corals new school district. At this rate of spread + the continued covidiocy of selfish parents and childless people + no vaccines for kids under 12 years of age until Sept 2021, I’m already anticipating another deadly virus mutation before the Fall.

Outdoor Activities – Per health experts, outdoor activities are less-risk than indoors. So, we might take a horseback ride or short visit on a hiking trail, local beach, or botanical garden. May be even go on a boat ride to hopefully, see some dolphins or whales. I won’t be posting those sources since I’m sure tons of other visitors or residents in our locale have similar ideas during summer break. Best to go on a weekday if possible pending hubs work schedule. I’ve been debating about going surfing, but there’s always a risk when walking to and from and getting dressed at my car in a crowded SoCal parking lot with others not wearing a mask either at all or intermittently. Most of my former surfer buddies had Covid already.

Safe at Home – It’s not only safe for me to stay at home with my family, but also so I don’t have to fight the urge to punch an ignorant antivaxxer/antimasker in the face in the grocery store. I broke my ex-boyfriends nose before ’cause he wanted to let a girl “friend” move into his house I was staying at in 2011. With that said, we won’t be traveling on a plane until both our 6yr old and 2yr old daughters can get fully vaxxed. This means, postponing our trip back home to Oahu, HI another year. We haven’t been back to the islands since Kaila was six months old almost three years ago. Most of our family on Oahu haven’t even seen Kaila since she was born. Yet, tourists are flocking to Hawaii by the thousands a day because tickets are the cheapest it’s ever been in decades to try to boost the economy. However, most restaurants and hotels are only at 75% capacity due to Governor Ige’s “mandate.” Ige has failed HI’s people by lack of sustainable infrastructure that continues to rely heavily on tourism instead of bringing in high-tech industries like artificial intelligence (AI) or diabetes software.

Protect Hawaii

Tourists: Please learn more about Hawaii’s history of epidemics brought by colonizers like Cpt. Cook in the 1700s nearly wiping out 80% of the Native Hawaiian population – my ancestors. Malama ‘Āina (respect the land) and malama ke kai (respect the ocean). Learn what real aloha is and remember to give back what you take. Always leave the beach, park, or hiking trail better than when you first arrived. Hawaii is not your playground. It is our home. Locals gotta survive somehow and they’re beyond fed up. So, tensions are rising back home (all of HI is considered ku’uhome, my home). It’s more crowded than it’s ever been in years. Please read more about the over-tourism in Hawaii from Honolulu Civil Beat here. Reminder: I am part Native Hawaiian (bloodline – not geographical), Native American, Chinese, and Okinawan. It’s infuriating to see tourists like this haole, Lakyn Spurgeon, disrespecting a resting Native Hawaiian Monk Seal – which is illegal (saw @mykailua share it on Instagram, 7/12/21). Report offenders to NOAA and/or Hawaii DLNR for illegal or suspicious activity, call 1-800-853-1964 or (808) 643-DLNR (3567). Email photos and videos to RespectWildlife@noaa.gov.

7/12/21 Update: Per @honolulustaradvertiser, Laky Spurgeon and her husband were reported to either DLNR and/or NOAA and will hopefully pay the max fine of $50,000 for this Class C felony for harassing a Native Hawaiian monk seal recently.

Thank you @renmaicha, fellow Kanaka/Asian advocate of Hawai’i
Please share tweet from @pastelepatrol on all social media platforms and make sure to tag @govhawaii Governor Ige. All of Hawai’i is suffering right now more than it has in decades.
Follow me @t1disabeach on twitter for easy sharing of must-read articles and updates regarding topics that matter: Covid-19, Protecting Hawaii and other Indigenous lands, racism, Type 1 diabetes, and #insulin4all. Mahalo!

It’s important to keep the kids busy and having fun, but also very challenging for us to ever get a break before and more so during this pandemic. We always had a hard time finding a babysitter because it takes weeks to train them on managing Coral’s diabetes. Caring for a newborn is easy compared to managing a small child’s pancreas 24/7/365. Our last babysitter just finished up her nursing degree, but will be moving at the end of 2021. We’re super bummed because we’ve become friends, yet incredibly happy and proud of her. We’re hoping another diabuddy who has also been as vigilant with all Covid precautions and is fully vaccinated, of course, will be able to help watch our girls sometime. My husband and I haven’t had a date night completely to ourselves in over two years. We haven’t hung out with anyone since first lockdown on March 13, 2020. Zoom or facetime sessions for any of Coral’s “friends” were encouraged, but I got tired of initiating contact with parents most of the time. We gotta stick to ourselves since all we have is each other these days. Some people will never understand our struggles – not all struggles are the same. We are not all. Struggling. The. Same. Gaslighters really need to stop saying that sh*t to me. I can’t even tell you how selfish some other parents we know have been throughout this pandemic. They’re literally gambling with their child’s life leaving him/her with a babysitter to have a date night and nobody’s wearing masks. I wish I didn’t know some of the things I know, but glad to let those toxic, self-projecting, narcissistic people out of my life. It can be difficult, but why keep them around if they’re not DOing THE RIGHT THING or contributing to society in a healthy way? Life is too short and I choose to surround myself with genuinely kind-hearted smart people.

Questions Remain

Didn’t the CDC say, “Those fully vaccinated, don’t need to wear a mask anymore?” ER Dr. Calvin Sun, full-time attending physician and clinical assistant professor based in NY explains this very well in his interview with CGTN America, “There’s no way to tell who’s fully vaccinated or not [in public places]. Do what’s right for all of us.” Please watch in full:

When will I need a booster covid vaccine? Fall 2021 or early 2022 due to the many new variants of concern which may lead to even a Variant of High Concern. Meaning, it evades vaccines efficacy more/faster than researchers could sequence and publish their findings?

How effective will the vaccines be for my child with Type 1 diabetes? Will they be able to build enough of an antibody response after fully vaccination? Some T1d adults have spoken with their specialists and have come back with sufficient antibody response a couple weeks after their second Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. So, this sounds promising for Coral and children with chronic illness and/or autoiummune diseases or immunosuppressant.

When will children need their booster – once a year like the flu shot? Short answer from Dr. Calvin Sun, “It depends…” on how the virus continues to mutate. Again, it’s all about the spike proteins of the virus that make it easier to evade our immune responses and/or vaccines or monoclonal antibody treatments. We’ll stay vigilant with masks and physical distancing far the F away from antimaskers or antivaxxers til we get more answers from either medical journals and/or our daughters pediatrician. Keep checking with your healthcare team and stay informed on your own. I can’t promise I’ll be updating this blog post nearly half as often as I was the first two Covid posts prior to this. I’m effing exhausted…my husband wonders why I still care to help people I don’t even know when we’re doing fine physically. Please learn more about our backgrounds on the About Us page.

When will this pandemic finally be over? When there isn’t any “worldwide spread” then, the WHO will downgrade it to an “epidemic.” However, there is no set metrics designed to determine when exactly SARS-CoV-2 and it’s mutant cousins will finally “disappear.” Viruses don’t discriminate and will flourish where you let it even at the slightest hint of complacency. It’ll constantly come back like the seasonal mutant “flu” for lack of better comparison (seriously, Google epidemics like Ebola or measles recurrence or breakthrough infections). Like Dr. Fauci said almost one year ago, we need at least 80% of the population to be fully vaxxed. Vaccination rates have already came to a near plateau right before Delta hit the U.S. Other countries don’t even have access to the more effective mRNA vaccines = need sooner boosters if originally got J&J or Astrazeneca adenovirus vaccines = longer process to reach herd immunity safely especially with the inevitable consequence of virus spread and more mutations. Please help advocate for the Covid vaccines with everything I’ve shown you on this post.


Mahalo or “thank you” in Hawaiian to those who’ve read this far, for wanting to further educate yourselves and attempt to do the same to those they care about. Thank you to anyone who’s actually checked in on me during my anxiety and depression at any point during this pandemic. To those who follow all Covid safety precautions and have gotten fully vaccinated before any non-essential travel. To those who respect Hawaii and not go there to b*tch at the local wait staff because the food is taking too long or they can’t find an affordable rental car [eyes rolling]. To those who respect our healthcare heroes, you all are appreciated. To those who still don’t think the Covid vaccines are safe and effective with all the credible sources of info available – which I’ve compiled for you here, then there is simply no hope for you and I feel sorry for the lives you continue to unknowingly take in your path of inconspicuous destruction borderlining “domestic terrorism” as virus spreaders.

Stay well,


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Educational Videos to Watch and Share

Vox does a lot of good videos that are easy to comprehend. Watch and share the following for mRNA vaccines explained and Why You Can’t Compare Vaccines to eachother (i.e. mRNA vs adenovirus vaccines). I’ve said it many times, countries with access to the Covid vaccines and fail to mandate or enforce mask mandates and social distancing will surely fall severely ill or see thousands of more deaths with the many variants of concern circulating the globe.

“Why So Many Covid Variants Are Showing Up,” by Vox, published June 16, 2021.

Learn more about fleeting contact from Australia’s health officials as they’ve been battling the Delta variant for weeks here. NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant described the Bondi Junction incident as a “scarily fleeting” encounter. Also watch a news report from 7News Australia below.


I may add more sources if and when time allows.

Beam, Adam. The Mercury News. “Gov. Newsom says California will pay off all the past-due rent.” <https://www.mercurynews.com/2021/06/22/california-weighs-extending-eviction-protections-past-june/> Published June 22, 2021. Accessed 11, Jul 2021.

CDC. “SARS-CoV-2 Variant Classifications and Definitions.” <https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/variants/variant-info.html#Consequence> Updated July 6, 2021. Accessed 8, Jul 2021.

Meredith Deliso, et al. ABC News. “Mississippi health officials warn about delta ‘surge’ as 7 children in ICU due to COVID-19.” <https://abcnews.go.com/US/mississippi-health-officials-warn-delta-surge-12-children/story?id=78828192&gt; Published July 14, 2021. Accessed July 15, 2021.

Herman, Doug. Smithsonian Magazine. “Shutting Down Hawai‘i: A Historical Perspective on Epidemics in the Islands.” <https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/shutting-down-hawaii-historical-perspective-epidemics-islands-180974506/> Published March 25, 2020. Acessed 7, Jul 2021.

Hoeven, Emily. Cal Matters. “State paying itself for Newsom vaccine lottery.” <https://calmatters.org/newsletters/whatmatters/2021/06/california-vaccine-lottery-newsom/> Published June 25, 2021. Accessed 8 Jul, 2021.

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May, Bryan. Biospace. “After Months of Prodding, CDC Updates Guidance on COVID-19 Airborne Transmission.” <https://www.biospace.com/article/cdc-s-updated-guidance-includes-statement-on-covid-19-airborne-transmission-/> Published May 10, 2021. Accessed 7, Jul 2021.

Powell, Alvin. The Harvard Gazette. “A pandemic that endures for COVID long-haulers.” <https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2021/04/harvard-medical-school-expert-explains-long-covid/> Published April 13, 2021. Accessed 8, Jul 2021.

Public Health England. “Vaccines highly effective against B.1.617.2 variant after 2 doses.” <https://www.gov.uk/government/news/vaccines-highly-effective-against-b-1-617-2-variant-after-2-doses> Published May 22, 2021. Accessed 8, Jul 2021.

Times of India. “Coronavirus variants: Difference between Delta, Delta Plus, Lambda and Kappa COVID variants.” <https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/health-news/covid-variants-difference-between-delta-delta-plus-lambda-and-kappa-variants/photostory/84336227.cms> Updated July 12, 2021. Accessed 12, Jul 2021.


Nothing I say or do should be taken as medical advice. I am not a doctor. Please speak with your healthcare team for professional medical advice – and no, not a friggin’ holistic “doctor” or herbalist. For example, an actual specialist like an endocrinologist for your diabetes needs. Call 911 for emergencies. List of Covid symptoms here from the CDC. Be smarter peoples.

Last updated: 12/17/2021

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