Get creative when it comes to wedding anniversary gifts

and what to do for your anniversary. Here are a few examples to help get you started. May be I’ll come back to this list myself and update it as the years go by. Feel free to share with your significant other. Cheers lovebirds!

1st Anniversary
Traditional – Paper / Modern – Clocks
Try this – anything made of paper such as movie or concert tickets. Even better, plane tickets! If you want to stick with something modern, get her or him an Apple Watch or Samsung’s Smart TV.

2nd Anniversary
Traditional – Cotton / Modern – China
Try this – bath or kitchen towels with a Chinese porcelain print or any one of the many plush bath robes on Or, you could literally go to China, Taiwan, Vietnam, anywhere in the East.

3rd Anniversary
Traditional – Leather / Modern – Crystal
Try this for her – her favorite designer leather bag, wallet, key fob or sandals. For him, try his favorite brand leather shoes, wristband for his Apple Watch, leather iPhone or Samsung S8 case, or a leather bound journal. For him or her, how about a leather passport cover and luggage tags.

4th Anniversary
Traditional – Fruit or Flowers / Modern – Appliances
Try this – Edible Arrangements (no chocolate if she’s low carb-ish) and ALWAYS get her the flowers. Women who cook love kitchen appliances. Get her a new crock potstock potzoodle makerdigital food scalejuicer, or anyting else to simplify and minimize her time to prep a meal.

5th Anniversary
Traditional – Wood / Modern – Silverware
Try this – a surfboard (the stringer is made of wood or entire board), koa wood pen as I’ve displayed, women’s sandals made of a stacked wooden heel; cutlery set with wooden handles; greeting card with laser cut wood; or a trip to a cabin in the woods.

6th Anniversary
Traditional – Candy or Iron / Modern – Wood (redundant, isnt it)?
Try this – Choco Zero or Lily’s chocolates or make her or him some pancakes with chocolate chips. You can even bake some Good Dee’s Mix low carb brownies and place it on a wooden serving tray. Or, gift a “wooden” S’well reusable insulated bottle. If you’re able to order four weeks in advance, get a custom-made wood carving of the state where you first met and/or were married. I wish I had thought of this idea sooner.

7th Anniversary
Traditional – Wool or copper / Modern – Desk sets
Try this – for her: Uggs, a wool coat or sweater (if not allergic). Kate Spade makes some stylish desk accessories. Anthropologie has some spectacular luxe desk sets too. For him: wool coat, suit jacket or beanie. For each other: faux wool rug or faux sheep skin rug. Minimalistic desk accessories available at Ikea.

8th Anniversary
Traditional – Bronze or pottery / Modern – Linen or lace
Try this – you can make pottery together and carve your initials on the bottom. Or, take a trip to Venice, Italy to see how lace is made by hand by local artisans. We actually did that for our honeymoon. One of our best trips ever!

9th Anniversary
Traditional – Pottery / Modern – Leather (again, redundancy)
Try this – go with his or her favorite brand of leather shoes, handbags, etc. Go horseback riding and hold tight to those leather reigns as you gallop along the seashore on a coastal getaway.

10th Anniversary
Traditional – Tin or aluminum / Modern – Diamond jewelry (finally)!
Guys, this should be a no-brainer if you’ve saved up or budgeted for it – get her a new shiny diamond with clarity VVS1 or higher. A ring upgrade, necklace pendant or earrings oughta do it. Both my engagement and wedding rings were bought on Brilliant Earth and are made with conflict-free diamonds. Ladies, take your man to a gun-shooting range.

11th Anniversary
Traditional – Steel / Modern – Fashion jewelry
Stick with brands you know they’ll love. I know my Hubs would want another knife made with the highest grade steel available. He can get my fav handmade jewelry from brands like Kiele and Tide Pool Love from Hawaii.

12th Anniversary
Traditional – Silk or linen / Modern – Pearls
If you’re gonna get a local Hawai girl pearls, then it should be Tahitian pearls. Tide Pool LoveMisha Lam, and a few other local designers offer reasonable prices for handcrafted jewelry. May be the Hubs will like silk or linen boxers or new bed sheets.

13th Anniversary
Traditional – Lace / Modern – Textiles or furs
If she likes sewing, get her a new sewing machine and take her fabric shopping. Go visit the fashion district in your neighborhood for a mini shopping spree. See how textiles are made to truly appreciate apparel and homegoods manufacturing.

14th Anniversary
Traditional – Flowers / Modern – Gold jewelry
Flowers should ALWAYS be an obvious gift. So, you better go all out with the bouquet this time. Think about which botanical garden or art gallery you’d like to visit that features her favorite flower(s). I’ve mentioned my favorite brands above for gold jewelry. If your husbands into gold, get him any accessory with gold detail such as a pen or money clip or new gold chain. If it’s in your budget, may be he’ll adore a gold Rolex watch. If not, then we fall back to the Apple Watch or something with similar aesthetics as Michael Kors or Michelle watches.

15th Anniversary
Traditional – Crystal / Modern – Watches
If it’s in your budget, may either of you will adore a gold Rolex watch. If not, then we fall back to the Apple Watch or something with similar aesthetics as Michael Kors or Michelle watches. Crystal items can be either literally spiritual healing crystals, Swarovski crystals, champagne flutes, or a chandelier. For healing crystals, you might want to consider quartz, amethyst, aquamarine, and black obsidian either as a home accessory or piece of jewelry. Get creative and use your imagination.

16th Anniversary
Modern – Silver holloware
This is any item accept flatware, used for the tabletop or countertop. Be sure that it is made of real silver or sterling silver. May be a fancy tea set or pot and an English breakfast at a boutique hotel would suffice?

17th Anniversary
Modern – Furniture
Try this – a new desk, office chair, dining table, dresser or sofa to revitalize your living space. Check out deals on IkeaOverstock.comWest ElmTarget, and Crate and Barrel. If all is good, this would be the ideal time to buy a new home!

18th Anniversary
Modern – Porcelain
I’m a fan of Chinese porcelain, but explore your own options as well. Visit another art gallery featuring potteries of the world.

19th Anniversary
Modern – Bronze

20th Anniversary
Traditional – China / Modern – Platinum
If able to, upgrade those wedding rings or bands!

21st Anniversary
Modern – Brass or nickel
Find them a coin from their home state and place it in a keepsake box or turn it into a necklace or bracelet.

22nd Anniversary
Modern – Copper
Find all the pennies in your entire home and turn it into a sign or symbol of your love.

23rd Anniversary
Modern – Silver plate

24th Anniversary
Modern – Musical instruments
Take a music lesson together or go see a musical show or go sing karaoke.

25th Anniversary
Traditional and Modern – silver
This should be easy – jewelry for the ladies again!

26th Anniversary
Modern – Original pictures
Try digital pictures for this millenium

27th Anniversary
Modern – Sculpture
Go see the Getty Museum in Los Angeles or one that’s closer to you

28th Anniversary
Modern – Orchids
Learn how to fold 28 orchids in origami

29th Anniversary
Modern – Furniture (again)
Have fun picking out a new piece of furniture either from your favorite discount store, flea market, or find a garage sale

30th Anniversary
Traditional – Pearl / Modern – Diamond
Yep, jewelry or Mother of Pearl anything

31st Anniversary
Modern – Time pieces

32nd Anniversary
Modern – Conveyances

33rd Anniversary

To be continued…

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